Easter 1949

Formal attire for all

I've worked hard to determine a firm date for these images, but to no avail.  If clues are there, I am missing them.  I've made an educated guess on an event and year based on the limited information available in these photos.   

A similar set of images were labeled,  "Easter 1950."  Since these photos show everyone in formal attire, I believe it is also Easter, but obviously a different year (the clothing is not the same, and a slightly different group of folks appear in the two sets of pictures).  

It can't be Easter 1952, because by then my mother would be seven months pregnant with her first child, and she clearly isn't expecting in these images.  

It could be 1951, but these images seem a bit goofier than the 1950 images.  So, I'm inclined to think these preceded the 1950 pictures.  My mother looks more polished in the 1950 pictures (she's wearing a fur stole and gloves, and she isn't pushing a reel lawn mower!)  

The 1950 Easter images had Larry (born 1928) and Jane (his future wife), but these images have my mother's youngest brother, Willard (born 1932).  I'm not sure why these images are missing Larry, and the other images are missing Willard.

I'm guessing these images are 1949.  Willard was a junior at Liberty High School, my father was still a student at Youngstown College, and my mother was probably working as a secretary at Trinity Methodist Church.   Perhaps Larry and Jane were celebrating Easter with Jane's family, who lived nearby.

Since Jane appeared in the 1950s images, before she and Larry were married in 1952, it would be reasonable for my father (a soon-to-be son-in-law) to appear in these 1949 images.  My parents would marry about two months later, on June 11.

Just Mary Jane

I'm curious as to why there are several images of just my mother.  What prompted the image with the reel mower?  Why are some taken at a low angle?  I don't know if the entire series of images were taken by my father or my mother's parents.  The photos of just my Mom indicate to me that someone was preoccupied with her on this Easter Sunday.  Was it her future husband, admiring her?  Or her parents, knowing that in two months, she would be getting married?  The Mary Jane images seem to be further evidence that it is Easter 1949.

Assuming it is Easter Sunday, April 17, 1949:

Esther Zimmerman, age 53

Doyle Zimmerman, age 49

Willard Zimmerman, age 16

John B. Campbell, age 23 (his birthday would have been one week prior)

Mary Jane Zimmerman, age 22

It is humbling to realize that my grandfather was the same age that I am currently (in 2020). 

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