Easter 1950

In 1950, my maternal grandparents were living on Tibbetts-Wick Road in Girard, Ohio.  These photos were taken in the yard of their home.

Dressing in formal attire and taking pictures on Easter Sunday (before or after church) was always a big deal in our family.  I guess my mother inherited her love of Easter from her parents; these images indicate the tradition started long ago.  I'm grateful that my father's block capitals on the rear of one print documented this event for posterity.  

Those present include Doyle & Esther Zimmerman, Mary Jane & John Campbell, Larry Zimmerman, and Jane Berlin.  I'm a bit surprised that Uncle Willy isn't in any of these photos (he was 17).  

My mother is wearing a fur stole around her neck.  I remember her storing a couple of them in the cedar chest in their bedroom.  I never saw her wear them, but she obviously did so before my time.  I remember being repulsed by them as a kid.  I have to admit she looks stylish here.  My father has his customary pipe.  

All the ladies are in two-piece suits with hats, handbags and gloves; Jane and Esther are wearing corsages.  I guess with the fur stole, a corsage wouldn't make sense with my mother's outfit.  My father is wearing a bow tie; for years, he kept a number of them in the top drawer of their chest of drawers (but I never saw him wear one).

It is April 9, 1950; there are no leaves on the trees yet.  My parents had been married less than a year.  Jane and Larry would marry in about two years.  My grandmother didn't smile in many of her photos, so it is a joy to see her smiling in two of these.  She looks like she is truly enjoying the day.  I love the photo of her with her daughter and her future daughter-in-law.  

I wonder how serious Jane and Larry's relationship was at this point?  My father's birthday is the next day, April 10.  

Esther Zimmerman, age 54

Doyle Zimmerman, age 50

John Campbell, age 23 (one day shy of 24)

Mary Jane Campbell, age 23

Larry Zimmerman, age 21

Jane Berlin, age 19

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