Pittsburgh Zoo 1959

The Pittsburgh Zoo opened on June 14, 1898, in Pittsburgh's Highland Park neighborhood.  The Children's Zoo (note the sign behind Susan & Sandi) opened in 1949, so it was about a decade old when this photo was taken.

Sue and Sandi are wearing matching outfits.  I can't tell if these are dresses or skirts & tops, but even the sweaters are the same.  I wonder about the circle symbol on Sue's chest; it also appears to be on Sandi's lower right torso.  Perhaps there were stickers or pins indicating paid admission?  Or maybe they are part of the outfit decor.

Both girls have super-short bangs.  I can't make out the pattern on the skirts.

This is the only photo from this event with a development date stamp (July 1959).  I expect the visit occurred somewhere between May and July 1959. 

Train ride?

Here are Sue and Sandi with Mom (Mary Jane).  I'm a bit surprised to see MJ in a coat; it makes me wonder if the day was chilly (the girls seem underdressed relative to Mom).  Everyone is in dresses or skirts; I don't think most families would dress this way for a zoo visit anymore.  Sandi certainly won't be getting lost, with MJ and Sue holding her hands!

The day must have warmed up a bit, because in this second image, the girls are no longer wearing their sweaters.  I don't know what the "room" is behind them on the left, but the window behind Sue's head is for train tickets.  

The signs read:

"Train Tickets 20 cents" and

"Tickets Here"

Both girls look excited, so I expect a train ride might be next. 

JBC's block capitals

This image of Sue and Sandi is the same as the first one in this story.  On the rear of this copy, our father documented, "Pitts Zoo" in his customary block capitals.   

I remember a childhood trip to a zoo, probably in the 1970s.  We don't have any photos, and I don't know if it was Cleveland or Pittsburgh.  I think Sue and Kenn went with me, Mom, and Dad.   

Sandi Campbell, age 4

Susan Campbell, age 7

Mary Jane Campbell, age 32

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