Story Book Forest 1973

At the flower bed

This trip to Story Book Forest in Ligonier, PA, was in June 1973.  A single photo from this day had "6/73" noted on the back, enabling me to date the entire series.

The drive from Boardman, OH, would have been over two hours.  I am surprised we drove such a distance, with amusement parks closer to home (Idora Park in Youngstown, Conneaut Lake Park in  western PA, and Geauga Lake in OH). Story Book Forest was a unique type of park, so I imagine that justified the drive.  

My sister, Sandi, accompanied me and my parents.  Sandi graduated from Boardman High School (BHS) this same month.  I have to give her credit for going with us - not the most exciting way to spend a day for some 18-year-olds.  

Mom always enjoyed planting annuals each summer, so of course this flower bed was selected for the background of this photo.  I wonder what is dangling from the tree in the center of the bed.  Is it a real tree?  Maybe not.  It's not in bloom - in June in PA, that would be unusual.  I guess the tree could be dead, but I suspect it is decorative, given the round objects suspended from it. 

The memories of my mother's outfit are quite vivid.  The blouse was yellow, light green, and orange.  It was a muted floral print and a sheer fabric.  The pantsuit (not sure what else to call it, even though the top part is a vest) was brown with visible stitching on the vest (either yellow or white).  Her shoes look yellow.  She had a wide range of colors represented in her 1970s shoes:  Kelly green, orange, yellow, and pink.

Sandi's attire seems perfectly appropriate for a high school senior in 1973:  bell-bottom low-waisted jeans with a wide belt and big buckle.  I think the coat tied around her shoulders is a BHS jacket.  It had her name embroidered on it.  For years after Sandi lost interest in it, my mother would wear the jacket while doing yard work. Sandi's hair was longer in her graduation-day photos, on June 3; she must have had her hair cut later in June, before this outing.  

I have no recollection of the outfit I am wearing. It's cute how the cuffs on the pants match the red in my top. 

Visiting the animals

This spring rider horse seems just the right size for a two-and-a-half year old.  

I don't seem very interested in the men with the tractor and trailer behind me.  Sucking my thumb while standing on the turtle.

Perched on the frog (or is it a toad?), between the eyes.  I assume that is a merry-go-round behind me.

The little one gets help from family

The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe; I seem grateful for the boost from Sandi.  Our mother is behind the shoe, on the left.  She smoked Chesterfield cigarettes, and it looks like she might be smoking one in this photo (based on the position of her hand).

Dad and me on the Good Ship Lollipop.  Looking at this photo today, the way he is holding me around the base of my legs makes me nervous; I do have my right hand on his shoulder for balance.  He has his customary pipe.

Sandi is to Mom's left, I am on Mom's right.  We all seem a bit taken aback by Little Miss Muffet. She's kinda creepy.  I'm unsure about the large rabbit (bunny?) in the background - perhaps it is Peter Cottontail.

John B. Campbell, age 47

Mary Jane Campbell, age 46

Sandi Campbell, age 18

Shary Campbell, age 2 years and 6 months

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