Three Campbell Brownies

Susan: the first Campbell Brownie

I was eight in my own Brownie photos, so I assume that Susan is about eight years old here (ca 1960).  It looks like her troop number is 87.  She has a little purse attached to her belt; I expect that was part of the uniform.  The Brownie beanie is on her head with the logo centered.  I wonder if the socks were part of the uniform?   She is posing in the front yard of the home on Cambridge Avenue in Youngstown.  

Susan Campbell, ~age 8 (ca 1960)

Campbell Brownie #2: Sandi

If Sandi is eight years old here, then it is 1963.  The family is now living on Edenridge Drive in Boardman.  Sandi is wearing dressier shoes than Sue did, and she is carrying a purse.  The beanie appears to be the same as in Sue's photo.  The troop number isn't visible; it would have been different than Sue's.  The troops were based geographically, and the family had moved from Youngstown to Boardman in 1961.

Sandi is posed in front of the drum table, which our parents had for half a century.  The three-tiered glass container on the table was used during the holidays for candies and nuts, so it might be Christmastime.  The photo on the table appears to be Uncle Larry (Zeke), Aunt Jane, and our three cousins.  

Sandi Campbell, ~age 8 (ca 1963)

Final Campbell Brownie, Shary

By 1979, the Brownie uniform had evolved from a dress to pants.  I remember the shirt worn underneath was also part of the uniform (light brown stripes).  My troop number was 458, Robinwood Lane Elementary School in Boardman.  This photo was taken on the stairwell at the Forestridge Drive home.  The wallpaper had a white background with an olive green design.  The green in the wallpaper matched the carpet on the stairs.  The little necktie snapped in the middle.   

I'm not sure why I look so nervous in the chair photo.  We all attended public schools, so we weren't accustomed to wearing uniforms.  I also didn't wear hats (or beanies) for any other occasion (well maybe in the snow).  Perhaps my expression reflects the unusualness of this attire.  I expect I was excited but also a bit uncertain about it all.  I am an introvert, so  the whole Brownie troop concept might have been intimidating for me. To my left is the same drum table that Sandi posed in front of.

Shary Campbell, age 8 (1979)

I eventually moved on to Girl Scouts; I am not sure if either of my sisters did so.  I enjoyed Girl Scouts (especially the cookie selling), until we had our first experience camping in tents on platforms OUTDOORS!  

When we arrived, we had to wheel our belongings down to the site using an old, bulky cart with enormous wheels.  There was a stray dog hanging around.  I'd seen enough.  Mrs. Kerr was dropping us off, and it must have been apparent that I wasn't going to last.  I assume I cried.  

Mrs. Kerr brought me back with her.  My own parents had gone out, so she could not drop me off at home.  I ended up eating dinner with my friend's family, even though my friend wasn't present.  We all lived in the same neighborhood, so at least it was easy enough for me to get home once my parents returned.  I am pretty sure I quit Girl Scouts after that.  

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